CHROMA-CHEM® 846 Industrial Colorants

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CHROMA-CHEM® 846 industrial colorants utilize state-of-the-art pigments, including transparent oxides, IR reflective and pearlescent. This results in pigments with broad color space, excellent durability, lightfastness and chemical resistance.

Used for both volumetric dispensing and in-plant tinting, CHROMA-CHEM® 846 features best-in-class quality. These colorants provide excellent color retention, dispensability and consistency in a wide variety of chemistries.

The colorants are dispersed in a unique, proprietary acrylic resin vehicle that provides excellent wetting and dispersing properties superior to other acrylic resins. The solvents used are a variable blend of proprietary esters and Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether (PM) Acetate. The colorants also contain a high-boiling solvent that helps to reduce the amount of VOCs in each colorant.

Each colorant contains a carefully selected and unique blend of vehicle, solvent, pigment and surfactants to yield acceptance in a wide range of non-aqueous coatings applications. The individual colorant formulations are designed to minimize the resin and additive levels needed to achieve colorant acceptance in a variety of coatings systems.

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