Colorants for Gel Coats

Efficient and Cost-Effective Colorants for Gel Coats

Chromaflo’s Plasticolors GTS makes producing gel coats efficient and cost-effective. It does this through low viscosity pigment dispersions that are engineered for accurate metering for both volumetric and gravimetric dispensing.

The highly controlled masstones of the GTS Series allow for batch consistency and automated dispensing. This enables gel coats manufacturers to reduce their colorant inventory and create blended colors on demand.

Each of the masstone colorants are tightly controlled for color and strength to insure quality consistency for every batch. The low viscosity of the GTS colorants makes them exceptionally easy to handle and reduces waste left over in containers. Through these traits, the GTS Series enables Gel Coats Manufacturers to reach a wide range of color space, reduce waste and overhead and drive process efficiency.